The Thankful Visitor

In my last post, I shared with you the story of the beautiful female Rabbit who visited me recently, thanking me for saving her baby boy. Well, her beautiful image just kept popping up in my heart and mind, so I felt it only right that I create her image and spend a little more time with her in my studio.

It was wonderful to take the time to really see her and look at her fur and markings, her shape and expression and to really delve deeply into who she is and just how beautiful she is. I started with a pencil outline that I drew onto 150gsm Cartridge Paper. Once I was happy with her outline I then began to render from the top of her ears all the way down to her gorgeous toes! Next I start to add the details and layering and combining colours to blend them and allow them to sit realistically with each other. I used my lovely Faber Castell Polychromos pencils – they are beautiful to use and create really lovely, rich colours.

Whilst doing all this I have been taking a few time lapse photos so you can see how I did this in high speed and I have been sharing them on my Instagram and Facebook page. You can find them by visiting either my Get in Touch page and clicking their icons or on my Home page. I’d love for you to like/follow my pages too if you like to see what adventures I am getting up to!

Now that’s all the technical information about creating this lovely Rabbit, in terms of how I connected with her, as you may know, I connect by gently looking into the animals eyes and softening my gaze, either face to face or via a photo image, then I quieten down my internal dialogue and create a peaceful space to receive her thought forms. We have already had a few conversations and so it was easy to reconnect. She shared again that she was very grateful that I chased after the Cat and got her to drop her baby. She also shared that she was grateful that I would take the time to listen to her and treat her with respect, so many humans do not even notice me or if they do they do not try to connect or show any respect, she said. She has learnt to be very wary of humans, we are often not to be trusted. It is a sad truth.

She also shared that she is very happy that I am finally listening to my heart and creating art again! Part of Rabbits’ purpose is that they are hugely creative and fertile and that they love to co-create! The act of art making is a beautiful thing and engages you in a flow like state that keeps you in the present moment and in a state of grace. She approved whole heartedly. She was happy that I wanted to draw her and very pleased that I had sought her permission before taking my photos and before starting to draw her.

I hope you enjoyed reading more about my latest creation. I am offering this original for sale and as a high quality Giglee print in A4 size if you would like to bring her energy and heart into your space. If you would like to inquire about either please contact me on my Get in Touch page, I’d love to hear from you. You can also see more information and pricing details in my Gallery image of the Thankful Visitor.

Wishing you a beautiful day and that you be blessed to see Rabbits too! ‘Til next time, sending much love Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

8 thoughts on “The Thankful Visitor

  1. She is a beautiful soul and her fur looks so real i can feel the soft texture. Stunning Jules xx


    1. Thank you dear Marcia, I am so happy you love her. She is such a beautiful soul and we sat and connected for many minutes whilst she allowed me to photograph her, my camera zoom acts like a pair of binoculars so I could really see her up close, she looked so soft and gentle, yet also so strong and brave and smart, just stunning. Love Jules X


  2. She is indeed beautiful in every way. I agree rabbits get a bad press and are treated in horrible ways by some humans, she is so gentle and I am sure is very grateful to you. You can see the connection you have – you captured her very essence.


    1. Thank you Stella, yes Rabbits do get a very hard time by many, so sad as they are wonderful beings. Their paws activate the earth enzymes too, just one amazing fact of many! I’m so thrilled you love her, it was very special to connect with her. Love Jules x


  3. What a sweetheart! This is why cats belong in their own Catios, not harming wildlife or coming to harm. Thanks for this drawing and story, Jules. Lovely.


    1. Hi Raisa, thank you! I never cease to be in awe and wonder with nature and the animals especially, as I know you share. I don’t agree with you about keeping Cats in Catios, it’s just too restrictive for them. Sending much love, Jules xxx


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