The Kenning Fox

The Kenning Fox – A4 Polychromos Pencils on 150gsm Goldline Cartridge Paper

Early one morning I was quietly walking up the country lane (I am blessed enough to live on) when I looked up and into a crop field, a flash of red and black fur caught my attention. To my delight, for a few beautiful seconds, I was face to face with a spectacular Fox cub, who looked as surprised to see me as I was he! We connected for a brief few seconds and then he was a blur of fire red and black as he ran for hiding. I stood for a while sending him my love and telling him in my mind how beautiful he is and how grateful I was to have encountered him. We were only about 3 feet away from each other.

I’m sure in days gone by seeing a Fox like this would have been far more common place, in the countryside especially, but this is only the 3rd Fox I have seen in the past 7 years. It saddens me greatly that these beautiful beings are so rare in their own natural habitat and most are now forced to adapt and live urbanly. This is so unnatural for them and not good for their wellbeing. So I was SUPER grateful to have had this close encounter and to have seen that he had the rare colouring of the black tips. I knew immediately that he would be the next co-creation I would tend to for my new collection “Wild Britain”.

As I prepared to co-create his image I sat with his energy connected and felt that he wanted us to learn more about the true nature of the Fox. Humanity has long labelled the Fox as cunning, shifty and untrustworthy and this is simply not true. I asked what he would like for me to share about his kind and he said he wanted us to realise that they are so knowing. That they are so connected to source energy and are brilliantly able to adapt and cope with change. This came through so clearly. Now, having Scottish ancestry, I remembered that the Scottish would call this knowing – kenning – to ken is to know. Hence the name of this piece is “The Kenning Fox”.

He was such a joy to co-create – he was very chatty throughout and helped guide my progress – nudging me to try many different coloured pencils to create the vibrant red of his stunning coat. It was, as always, such an honour to be able to work with him and to co-create his likeness with him. If you’d like to hear the full message from Fox – then please do visit my Facebook Artists page (see the FB link on my home page) and find my Live video from 25th June, there I share much more about this beautiful being and his kind.

As you know I am building a new collection of “Wild Britain” pieces and I am waiting now for clarity on WHO is next! The animals keep showing up, asking to be included, and yet I feel there is a divine order and I know that as I leave a gap between each piece I will be guided as to who is the rightful next subject of my attention and creation. I feel so very lucky and honoured to be asked to do this service work.

If you would like to bring some of The Kenning Fox’s energy into your space I am offering beautiful Giclee prints in A4, I can post globally too. Each print is £35 plus the relevant postage and packaging costs, dependent on where you live. Please contact me if you would like to order a print, I’d love to hear from you.

Please stay healthy and loving life,

Sending much love, as always,

Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

4 thoughts on “The Kenning Fox

  1. Ahh! I’d wondered where the ‘Kenning’ came from – I’d not thought of the connection with ‘to ken’ 🙂 As you know, I’m a great lover of foxes myself. We have a few who live locally and occasionally they honour us with an appearance. I agree it’s so wonderful to see them in a more natural habitat. We’d see them sometimes when we lived in Bristol and while it was magical, there’s nothing like seeing one in their native wild space. I look forward to seeing who your next Wild Britain visitor might be!


    1. Hi Robyn, yes the Kenning part is my own addition of a favourite Scottish word. It’s wonderful you see some rurally where you are too and so much nicer to see them wild in the country. I am excited to see WHO it will be next – still not become clear yet and that’s OK! Watch this space, as they say! Loads of love to you dear one, Jules XXX


  2. Hello Jules, what a magnificent being he is. Your rendering of him captures his personality and beauty. I have a habit of driving past the James River here in my city where it enters the Chesapeake Bay, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean each evening on my way home from work. Very often I see a fox couple cross the road in front of me, they pause and then run for the trees on the riverbank. They are vibrant red, even in the dusk. I’m so happy fox wants to teach us of their true nature and your connection to the kenning is magical for certain. I can’t wait to see who so next. 🦊


    1. Thank you dearest Julie! What a wonderful sighting you have of the beautiful Fox couple on your journey. My bet is they want you to see them too, so you can tune into their beautiful energy. Their red coat is so stunning isn’t it? Really a key part of their magic. I am excited to see who wants to be co-created next too – still patiently (or trying to be!) waiting for them to step forward… sending much love to you across the miles, Jules XXX


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