The Jubilant Robin

The Jubilant Robin – ORIGINAL SOLD

Happy New Year to you all! I am SO happy to be back in action following almost a month of ill health. I’ve missed my art so much and can’t tell you how good it feels to be back again. I’m so excited for 2021 and can’t wait to share my journey with you, dear follower, as I work with more and more beautiful wild animals.

I hope you have been able to enjoy the festive period, it’s been a challenge for most of us this year and I know many of us have had a LOT to content with. I wish you a much happier, healthier, more peaceful and joyous 2021 and that many good things come your way.

Here is my last completed piece for 2020 – The Jubilant Robin. I so loved co creating with this beautiful being and he filled me with joy and vibrancy – each time I look at him he still does too! I am delighted that his original (my 10th piece of the Wild Britain Collection) has been purchased and will be making his final home in beautiful rural Wales. However, he will be coming with me and the rest of the animals to my solo exhibition in May this year at the wonderful Animal Art Gallery in Malton, North Yorkshire, so if you can do come and see him before he makes his flight over to Wales!

The Robin is such an iconic bird and in some traditions he is a strong protective force, representing your ancestors coming to guard and protect you. Known for their fierce territorial instincts and their joyous song and real zest for life, Robin’s are one of my favourite birds and I know many of you adore them too.

If you’d like to bring his beautiful energy into your life, I am also offering beautiful made to order Giclee prints of him that you can order by contacting me on my Get in Touch page. They are £40 plus relevant P&P.

Sending you all much love, peace and protection for this coming year, bringing what it may, we will walk through this together and this too shall pass…

Love Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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