Spring is Sprung?

Well, here in the Northern Hemisphere we are finally starting to see/feel/notice the beginnings of Spring, it is a welcome relief too! Lockdown has been a tough time through Winter and we are now starting to feel the promise of the freeing up of the restrictions as we move through Spring and into Summer and that is going to be a relief!

I’ve been hunkered down over the Winter, creating with these beautiful animals and preparing (with fingers crossed!) for my solo exhibition in North Yorkshire, coming up in May 2021. I haven’t posted for quite a while and I apologise for this, I am going to start posting here more regularly going forward, so that you hear more about what I’m up to!

So let me share with you a little more about the first of my four new additions to my Wild Britain Collection – starting with;

The Heart Shaped Beaver

I am super excited that our local Wetlands Wildlife Reserve will be reintroducing two pairs of Eurasion Beavers at some point during this year. I have always loved Beavers, their knowing look and the dexterity with which they earn themselves the name Eco Engineers. I am so happy to hear that many are realising that nature herself, when in balance, will keep herself pristine and these amazing beings are one of the most amazing examples of this. Beaver wisdom is about right relationship with the world around you, building and crafting wisely and in balance and allowing waters (emotions) to ebb and flow in perfect balance. I hope you love this heart shaped Beaver, the original I am exhibiting in May but in the meantime I am offering wonderful Sinterix prints so that you can bring his wisdom and energy into your space. Please contact me to place your order, ask any questions. Prints are A4 size and are £40 plus P&P globally.

I am very excited to share that I can now offer beautiful greetings cards too – at great value (£2.80 single/£7.50 5 packs, plus P&P). You can browse The Heart Shaped Beaver and all my other pieces and order at my unique link (in partnership with Love From The Artist, a non profit community interest company) Greetings Card Link

I’ll share more tomorrow with you about The Triumphant Green Woodpecker!

Love Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

2 thoughts on “Spring is Sprung?

  1. Hi Carolyn, thank you so much for your lovely response to my Heart Shaped Beaver drawing. I’m thrilled you love him. I was inspired to create him as we have two pairs of Beavers being reintroduced to our local Wetlands soon and I’m really looking forward to welcoming them and to watching them transform the Wetlands, as the eco engineers that they are!

    I’m so happy that I can now offer beautiful greetings cards and prints of him and all my art (in partnership with the non profit organisation “Love From The Artist”, who subsidize my printing costs to help support my work as a self employed fine artist). It really has been an answer to my prayers and I am very grateful.

    If you are interested you can view my greetings card of “The Heart Shaped Beaver” at this link; https://lovefromtheartist.com/Home/Product?Item=82386

    Thank you Carolyn and wishing you a great day.

    Love Jules X

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