The Triumphant Green Woodpecker

The Triumphant Green Woodpecker

Hello again, today I promised to share with you more about my Triumphant Green Woodpecker piece, who is a part of my Wild Britain Collection.

So, this very morning I opened our bedroom curtains and who was feasting on our lawn and looking very triumphant, was the beautiful Green Woodpecker! I’d not seen him for weeks and on the day I was going to post to you lovely folks, here he is… coincidence? I don’t believe so.

Such majestic beings, I love Woodpeckers of all variety and from all over the world. They hammer into the trees and release new vibrations, new ways of being and herald the changes we will do well to go with, rather than resist. I love their power and accuracy too, their reinforced skulls with their tongue that actually wraps around their brain to help absorb the huge impact of their hammering is another example of the sheer magic and creative intelligence alive in all of nature.

The Green Woodpeckers love ants and only visit our garden in search of the plentiful supply! It is always such a lovely encounter to watch them busily eating, I wonder what on earth Ants taste like and whether they tickle or bite on the way down!

I hope you love this piece, I really enjoyed creating him and also loved creating the Silver Birch tree he is gripping onto.

He is another piece in my Wild Britain Collection and I am now beginning to prepare in earnest for my solo exhibition at the Animal Art Gallery, in May, up in Malton, North Yorkshire.

All my originals will be available for sale there alongside my limited edition mounted prints and my new greetings card range too. I am very excited to be able to share my collection with this lovely market town and all their visitors.

In the meantime I am offering Sinterix beautiful quality A4 prints of my collection, if you are interested then please contact me at my Get in Touch page. Each print is £40 plus P&P.

You can order my greetings cards too at this LINK too from the wonderful folks at Love From The Artist.

Tomorrow I will share more with you about “The Weasel Huntress” and I hope you will enjoy learning more about her too.

Sending much love,

Jules X

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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