The Weasel Huntress

The Weasel Huntress

My third new piece I wanted to share with you today, following my recent trip to have them professionally scanned, is this powerhouse of a being – “The Weasel Huntress” I have seen a number of Weasel’s over the years but one particular memory stands out for me.

Sat in our lovely little cottage one early evening, I noticed from the corner of my eye a tiny Weasel who had scooted up our curtains and was sat looking down at me! I wasn’t sure who was more surprised! I remember thinking “how on Earth did she get in here” quickly followed with “how on Earth is she going to get OUT of here!”

She scurried down the curtains in a flash, across our hearth and up onto the other curtains, again looking down at me, as I turned around in awe to watch her. Lightning fast and so graceful and light, she took my breath away! At just 25cm long and small enough to go through a wedding ring, she is a pocket rocket!

I quietened my breathing, realising that I must get calm and quiet within to help her find her way back out to nature. I stood slowly and moved quietly to open the kitchen door and two further doors leading out our back door. I kept the lights off in these rooms and carefully sat back down, noticing she had been carefully watching me the whole time.

I began to visualise in my minds eye, from her perspective, coming down the curtains, moving to the kitchen, smelling the wet fields outside and safely leaving out the back door. I continued to do this over and over, keeping half an eye open to see if she was following my drift.

Eventually she did indeed follow this path and find her way outside.

WHAT a special encounter and what an honour to have been so near to her and to have shared time with her in this way. I will treasure this memory forever.

So she inspired my drawing, imagining her in her natural environment, super alert and ready to move at lightning speed, searching for food to feed her growing family.

Part of my Wild Britain Collection, created with Polychromos pencils on white cartridge paper her original (and LE prints and greetings cards) will be at my solo exhibition in May at The Animal Art Gallery in Malton, North Yorkshire. It would be so amazing if you were able to come along!

In the meantime, if you would like to, you can order beautiful prints of her from me by messaging me on my Get in Touch page, an A4 Sinterix print is £40 plus P&P. Or to browse and order my greetings cards please visit my link at Love From The Artist – single cards are £2.80 and multi 5 packs are £7.50 plus P&P.

I donate 10% of all my sales to charities that support and protect wildlife and nature around the world.

I hope you enjoy viewing her and hearing my special encounter story, my final blog in this “mini cluster” will be tomorrow where I will share more about “The Flamboyant Pheasant”!

Love Jules X

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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