Tawny Owl Dreaming

Hello there! It’s Jules here, writing to you as we fast approach the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. Spring is definitely here, the trees and plants are sprouting left, right and centre and all the birds, insects and animals are all going Spring crazy! I love this time of year, especially this year following a long, quiet and isolated lock down.

I have just completed my fifteenth piece for my Wild Britain Collection – Tawny Owl Dreaming. I wanted to share him with you and to let you know more about him and the process I went through to co create him.

I have always been very drawn to Owls and we are lucky enough here to have regular visitors of the Tawny species. We never see them, yet they often wake us up in the night with their beautiful ethereal calls to each other, often actually entering into my dreams too, hence the name I chose for this piece. They have been sadly misunderstood as bringers of bad omens or luck and this is simply not true. The beautiful wisdom of the Owl souls helps us to interpret and understand the signs and symbols showing up in our lives (spirit messages) they help us navigate our paths, when we connect with them and ask for their guidance. So tune into this beautiful being through my art and sit quietly in a daydream state and respectfully ask him to help you with your guidance.

I found a beautiful reference photograph for this piece from Melanie Avis on Pixabay, so a huge thank you to you Melanie for your inspiring photograph of this stunning Owl.

As with my whole Wild Britain Collection he is drawn using Polychromos pencils on white cartridge paper.

If you’d like to bring his energy into your space or your loved one’s you can now order him as a beautiful greetings card from this LINK If you would like to order a stunning Sinterix A4 print of him simply contact me HERE and place your order with me, I’ll get back to you with all the details you need. Each print is £40 plus your relevant P&P.

His original piece alongside my whole Wild Britain Collection with Limited Edition prints too, will also be available at The Animal Art Gallery, Malton, North Yorkshire, England between April 28th and May 28th 2021 – so if you are able to please come along and view my whole Collection at this lovely Gallery.

Sending much love, as always,

Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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