Why Does My Art Matter?

My Wild Britain Collection – All together at The Animal Art Gallery in Malton, North Yorkshire.

For over a year now I have been a member of a wonderful online community called the United Art Space. Michelle Lloyd, founder of the community, is a constant source of inspiration and guidance and I have learnt SO much from her and all the community about this ART business! One of the statements that she makes regularly is “My Art Matters” and it got me thinking deeply about WHY my art matters.

My love and passion for animals has been a key part of who I am, my entire life. My earliest memories are of being captivated whenever an animal is present and feeling so joyous, light and happy to be in their presence. I have also always been fascinated with the roles that animals play in the big biosphere called Earth. I had early memories of “truth” that have been later confirmed by my studies and learning from many other wise people.

So to me, a fundamental necessity in life is to have animals on Earth, in their own habitats, unhindered by humankind and able to live as they were intended to. It is unbearable for me to even consider a world where the animals have disappeared, it simply would be too awful for words. I know also that without animals and all of nature (we humans are a part of nature) we would not survive. In truth we all depend on each other, and when in balance we act as an interconnected, super intelligent web of life, that balances all components.

Yet we know now that our human choices have taken us to a very dangerous place and one that we need to adjust and immediately if we are to avoid catastrophe. This is where my voice within my art comes forward, with an urgency and importance, a plea to ask all of humanity to wake up to this truth and to move heaven and earth to rebalance all the damage we have caused and continue to cause.

If, through my art, I can inspire just one person to remember this truth and to get behind actions to help with this great rebalance, I will have done a great thing. My hope is that as my art practice grows I can inspire many, many others to help/continue to help nature and the animals to return to full balance, before it is too late. I always give back to nature, so for every sale I make I donate at least 10% of my profit to organisations that are helping to protect animals and nature. I also try to share more about the stunning wisdom and importance of all species and how they can teach us so much too.

As an intuitive animal communicator I have trained myself to be able to tune into the animals thought forms and feelings and can translate what they are trying to share with us. They absolutely want us to rebalance ourselves and all of nature, as they know that we are all interconnected and when one is out of balance, we all are. This does not feel great to these amazingly sensitive souls in animal bodies and so they do what they can to try to effect a rebalance of energy. This is why our beloved animal companions are so good at reading and helping us to rebalance. This is why they give so unconditionally. We human folk need to remember this too and to give back for all that we are so fortunate to receive.

I owe so much to nature and the animals, in truth we all do. Ancient cultures revered and deeply loved all of nature and took great care to ensure balance was maintained at all times, as a priority. I pray and do all I can to help move us back to this remembering. Taking small steps regularly to help, makes all the difference. Helping your local wildlife, caring for abandoned animals, donating to help support animals and nature all really matter. Imagine a world where all humans gave back to nature and animals in balance to all we receive? The world would transform very quickly, for the better.

I know you love animals and nature too and I hope this helps you understand my why more fully, perhaps you even share it too? I’d love to hear your reactions and feelings about my why and to learn more about yours, so please do comment below or feel free to e-mail me at juleschabeaux@gmail.com

If you would like to view my Wild Britain Collection you can visit The Animal Art Gallery in Malton, North Yorkshire until May 29th. Please read my Events page to get all the details you need. I would love you to see my collection face to face and to connect with all the animals that are there.

Lots of love and wishing you a very happy, peaceful Beltane tomorrow, Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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