Ancient Hare Wisdom

Ancient Hare Wisdom – Wild Soul Collection

Oh, what a sheer joy it was co-creating this piece! I have always adored Hares and see them (not as often as I’d like) around our cottage and surrounding fields. Their physical form is mesmerising – their huge eyes, ears and hind legs, the incredible speed they can run when they choose, just magnificent.

Yet, it is their energetic wisdom, their ancient souls that really captivates me and leaves me in complete awe of them, every time I connect with them. They are definitely of other worlds and can navigate easily between them, bringing forth ancient wisdom that is hard to put into simple words. They are of the land, of the earth and tread into the land their energy, following pathways only they and the land know exist. They bring great fertility and abundance. They bring great teaching about remembering our own intuitive powers and how we can tune into the collective consciousness when we remember how. They show us how to hold balance in our life too, something we human folk are struggling with right now, in the main part. There is so much to these amazing beings that I run out of space and words to do them justice…

My hope is that when you sit and connect with Ancient Hare Wisdom through my art, you will tap into this wonderful wisdom for yourself too. To feel it in your heart and soul is the best way to understand it more fully.

I am delighted to be able to share this wonderful being with you as a single greetings card (£2.80), as a multi pack of 5 cards (£7.50), as an A4 (£35) or A3 (£49) Sinterix print and as the original piece (£255). For cards and prints please go to my SHOP to browse and order and to enquire about the original please contact me HERE

Do you see Hares where you live? I would love to hear in the comments if you do, they are such an enigmatic and wonderful species, so much more to them than our human hearts and minds can fathom. Isn’t that just magical?

Love Jules XXX

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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