Black Velvet

Good day to you, dear follower, I’m very happy to share with you my latest Wild Soul piece, this black maned Lion came to whisper to me, with the power and grace that only these kings of the jungle can.

He whispered of all that has come to fruition in the World and how the fall of human consciousness is causing all of the suffering and pain we are experiencing. He is not vengeful or judgemental, simply truth in a very direct and clear way.

The Lions are the natural leaders of their homelands, they rule the balance of their habitat, their home, with clear and direct mandate that is never compromised. The laws of nature apply and are applied consistently, diligently and without question or resistance. The circle of life is honoured and respected no matter the species, all are considered vital, important and valued. Each has their unique purpose and reason for living and dying in the sacred eco system. The Lions purpose is multi faceted and includes monitoring and ensuring balance, through their presence, their hunting and their territorial leadership. They are also guardians of the Earth in ways that we souls in human bodies can not and are not meant to fully understand.

They wish for humanity to evolve and rise upwards in our vibration and to remember to live as they do. Following natural law, not breaking it or bending it, as we are doing at such an alarming rate now. They wish for us to remember we are all connected and as such dependent on each other for our lives and our experience here on this beautiful planet. They wish us to remember we are equal to all, not superior. They wish for us to urgently act to restore the balance and repair the massive damage we are causing. Before the imbalance goes so far as to be irreparable and time is running desperately short now.

The plight of these majestic beings is dire. They are hunted, speed bred, poached, killed for simply existing and at threat of TB wiping out the few remaining wild Lions. They are even deliberately starved to death to provide their bones for a medicine that is not true.

They watch in growing concern for their existence here and knowing what will befall humanity and whoever else remains, once they have been made extinct. There is still time to help to ensure this doesn’t happen if we can work together for good…

As always for my Wild Soul collection my original was co created with this amazing soul using soft pastels on pastelmat paper.

I have delight in sharing that he has already SOLD to a beautiful soul, stateside, so he will be winging his way soon to be by her side. I am, however, offering beautiful Sinterix prints of him in either 40cm x 30cm at £49 or at 29.7cm x 21cm at £35. I also am offering beautiful greetings cards – singles £2.80 and multi 5 packs at £7.50. Please visit my SHOP to find them ready to order.

To support the protection of these magnificent beings I donate 10% of all my sales of this piece to The Global White Lion Protection Trust who are authentic Lion ambassadors, conservationists, spanning three decades, and are a true voice for the Lion. Every purchase you make will help support their vital work over in South Africa, for all Lions.

*Special thanks to Catherine Fahy for suggesting this wonderful name for the Black Maned Lion.

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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