Wild Mustang

Piece 7 in my Wild Soul Collection

I’m delighted to share with you my latest piece “Wild Mustang”. I have always loved horses and have had the privilege to see them running wild in Canada, USA, South Africa, Scotland and England and they always take my breath away. Such power, grace and majesty, how can you not be moved?

Saddened to learn that in the USA these beautiful mustangs are being removed forcibly from their homelands to make way for livestock, it upset me so much that I took a number of actions. Firstly, I signed every petition I could find to help protect these amazing beings, I wrote to senators and governors requesting they put a stop to this “round up” abomination and then I also wrote to Ford Motors, to William Clay Ford Jr, their Executive Chairman asking him to use his considerable influence to help protect the namesake of Ford’s 5th best selling car since 1964.

Following this I then, naturally, wanted to paint a piece to honour them and to offer it for sale as the original piece, as A3 and A4 prints, greetings cards and postcards and for every sale I donate 10% to the American Wild Horse Campaign who are dedicated to stopping this awful removal of these stunning, iconic horses.

I hope you love this mustang too, he is a young colt full of love for his family and herd, full of wild spirit and honour and devastated by the forced removal of his beloved ones.

If you love these sentient, beautiful, iconic horses please do get involved in helping to stand up for them, if we all do, it makes a huge difference.

Sending much love, as always,

Jules Chabeaux X

Published by Jules Chabeaux

I am an intuitive wildlife artist, based in rural Derbyshire, England.

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