About Jules

Artists Statement

“I’ve always preferred animals to humans. I feel uplifted when around them, open, relaxed, soothed and accepted. I become quiet, listening with my heart, hearing their messages, receiving their medicine. I am naturally drawn to create animals, seeking to share these feelings through my work. Their eyes hold it all, revealing their spirit, drawing me in. Working with pencils, acrylics, indian inks and soft pastels, I find the detail and softness for feathers, fur and scales.”


Jules Chabeaux is an intuitive wildlife artist based in the rural Derbyshire Dales, UK. Jules was always instinctively drawn to draw, paint and help protect animals. She even threw away her top Art grade, refusing to include abstracts, proudly exhibiting her portfolio of animal art. At 16 she earned her first paid art commission. Unable to imagine earning a living from art at this young age, however, Jules felt her only option was to “get a real job” leaving her true passions behind.

Her transition into the corporate world took her far from animals and art into a consumerist world, working in the retail and then banking sector, where she found solace from specialising in human potential, learning and leadership, delving deeply into our human ability to co-create our dreams. She quickly rose through the ranks, traveling the world and learnt a great deal. Yet her heart longed to reconnect with her passion for animals and gradually she realised that she had to make a profound change to her life to bring her much closer to her true purpose.

So in 2010 she bravely left this lucrative career, retraining as an animal communicator (an amazing practice of heart based communication with animals, learning to quiet your mind and open your heart, tuning into their thoughts and feelings) and a Usui Reiki animal healer (an ancient Japanese energy healing modality). She published her first book, “The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond” (Unity Lines Publishing) and co-founded an international conference “Awakening to Animals”. In 2015 she became UK Director for the Global White Lion Protection Trust for three years, before finally returning, jubilantly, to her wildlife art.

Inspired by artists like the late Susan Seddon Boulet and Gordon Beningfield, she lives in a rural setting surrounded by animals and nature and loves rising at dawn and, following her spiritual practice, gets eagerly out into nature, before heading to her art studio, to continue working with the animals through her art practice.

Associations & Memberships

Jules is a member of the following organisations that support and develop her art;

Member of United Art Space
Professional Gold member of the SAA (Supporting All Artists)
Member of TWASI (The Wildlife Artists Society International)
Member of Artwork Archive
Contributing artist for Love From The Artist


Jules been awarded/participated in the following art competitions/exhibitions in recognition of her Wildlife Art submissions;

Exhibitor in the TWASI (The Wildlife Artists Society International 2021 Online Exhibition
Finalist is the 6th Annual Animal Kingdom Online Juried Art Competition – September 2021

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