The Sumatran Tiger

Hello there! I am SO excited to share with you that I have started a brand new collection called “Wild Soul”. It’s been bubbling up for a few months now and I’m also delighted to share my very first piece in this collection – The Sumatran Tiger. Wild Soul for me is about connecting deeplyContinue reading “The Sumatran Tiger”

Send A Kind Message – The Old Fashioned Way!

I was talking with a lovely friend today and the topic of sending greetings cards and kind messages to our loved ones came up. My Nana and Grandma were the Queens of writing loving letters to their friends and family members, all those years ago. My lovely Mum is also very good at sending outContinue reading “Send A Kind Message – The Old Fashioned Way!”

The Flamboyant Pheasant

Hello! I’m back to share the last of the four new pieces, as promised, from a long wait to get them all scanned, due to the lockdown. So here is one of my lovely garden visitors, I call them all Freddy’s, after our neighbours had named an old Pheasant Freddy some years ago, who usedContinue reading “The Flamboyant Pheasant”

The Weasel Huntress

My third new piece I wanted to share with you today, following my recent trip to have them professionally scanned, is this powerhouse of a being – “The Weasel Huntress” I have seen a number of Weasel’s over the years but one particular memory stands out for me. Sat in our lovely little cottage oneContinue reading “The Weasel Huntress”

The Triumphant Green Woodpecker

Hello again, today I promised to share with you more about my Triumphant Green Woodpecker piece, who is a part of my Wild Britain Collection. So, this very morning I opened our bedroom curtains and who was feasting on our lawn and looking very triumphant, was the beautiful Green Woodpecker! I’d not seen him forContinue reading “The Triumphant Green Woodpecker”

Spring is Sprung?

Well, here in the Northern Hemisphere we are finally starting to see/feel/notice the beginnings of Spring, it is a welcome relief too! Lockdown has been a tough time through Winter and we are now starting to feel the promise of the freeing up of the restrictions as we move through Spring and into Summer andContinue reading “Spring is Sprung?”