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Reindeer Greetings

Well, it’s quickly reaching that time of year again, it always seems to creep up on me, I don’t know about you?! I wanted to co create a new seasonal greetings card for those of us that love wildlife and WHO these amazing beings really are. Pure and simple. No bells and whistles and glitter,Continue reading “Reindeer Greetings”

Wild Mustang

I’m delighted to share with you my latest piece “Wild Mustang”. I have always loved horses and have had the privilege to see them running wild in Canada, USA, South Africa, Scotland and England and they always take my breath away. Such power, grace and majesty, how can you not be moved? Saddened to learnContinue reading “Wild Mustang”

Black Velvet

Good day to you, dear follower, I’m very happy to share with you my latest Wild Soul piece, this black maned Lion came to whisper to me, with the power and grace that only these kings of the jungle can. He whispered of all that has come to fruition in the World and how theContinue reading “Black Velvet”

Ancient Hare Wisdom

Oh, what a sheer joy it was co-creating this piece! I have always adored Hares and see them (not as often as I’d like) around our cottage and surrounding fields. Their physical form is mesmerising – their huge eyes, ears and hind legs, the incredible speed they can run when they choose, just magnificent. Yet,Continue reading “Ancient Hare Wisdom”

The Highland Tiger

Hello there! How are you today? I hope all is well and you are looking forward to a lovely weekend. I don’t know where the time goes but here we are on the 29th June already, time obviously flies! I wanted to share my latest piece for my Wild Britain collection with you. I amContinue reading “The Highland Tiger”

Ghost Cheetah

Hello there, I’m sorry it’s been a few weeks since I last posted, it’s been a very busy month for me, with my Solo Exhibition up in Malton, North Yorkshire drawing to a close on the 29th May. It was a wonderful experience and it was so fantastic to share my whole Wild Britain CollectionContinue reading “Ghost Cheetah”

The Sumatran Tiger

Hello there! I am SO excited to share with you that I have started a brand new collection called “Wild Soul”. It’s been bubbling up for a few months now and I’m also delighted to share my very first piece in this collection – The Sumatran Tiger. Wild Soul for me is about connecting deeplyContinue reading “The Sumatran Tiger”


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