Wild Soul Collection

Welcome to my Gallery for my Wild Soul Collection.

This is my brand new Collection started in May 2021. I will add more pieces as I complete them. To view and learn more click on each image. Then, click on the “i” button (bottom right) to read more about each animal’s story and my process. I also share details of availability, sizing and pricing for all pieces below. Further down this page you can read more about my simple Ordering Process and my Quality Assurance Policy.

To ask questions and/or to inquire about original pieces please message me here: Get in Touch. To order greetings cards and fine art prints please visit my SHOP

Simple and Safe Ordering and Delivery Process

Ordering is simple and safe. To inquire about an original piece simply Get In Touch and I will get back to you with full details. Payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. To order greetings cards and fine art prints please visit my SHOP Once you have placed your order and payment your piece will be carefully packaged and posted, with tracking and full insurance to protect your investment. We will track and follow your order and share these details with you too.


Fine Art Original Materials

I work with the highest quality materials to create my work and pride myself on investing on your behalf, to ensure that when you buy an original piece from me you know it will be excellent quality, designed to last for many years to come*.

For each piece I will specify the specific materials I have used in my Gallery description, some of my most commonly used include; Clairefontaine Pastelmat, Daley Rowney Heavy Weight Papers, Daler Ingres Pastel Papers, Windsor & Newton Canvas boards, handmade Egyptian Papyrus.

I work predominantly with Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils, Reeves Soft Pastels, Rowney Soft Pastels, Windsor and Newton Acrylics and Windsor and Newton Indian Inks.

Professional Scanning and Printing of Reproduction Prints

I work with a local, fourth generation family managed printing shop, John E Wright, which was founded in 1900 and today offers great personal service for fine artists.

I have my originals scanned in their state of the art scanner at 600dpi, as this method ensures the most even and accurate image of my originals.

All my greetings card and fine art prints are created for me through Love From The Artist, using Sinterix printing, which is comparable with Giclee prints. Sinterex is based on a heat suffused sintered powder application to the paper. It offers extremely high quality and is printed at very high resolution to bring up extremely fine detail.

The papers that I use for my printing are all FSC approved, compliant to ISO 14001, acid free, with a non ageing specification to ISO 9706 (permanent)*. The Fine Art Guild expect 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale and these prints score 6 or higher and therefore are considered comparable with Giclee quality. For my Wild Britain Collection all prints will be printed onto Arcoprint Extra White 320gsm paper. For my Wild Soul Collection Prints I use Conqueror Stonemarque High White 320gsm paper.

I carefully package and insure all my originals and prints before posting them. I can arrange for a mount to be added to prints and originals (at additional cost) if you prefer and I will happily offer advise on complementary frames that will further enhance your investment. I prefer not to post framed art due to the glass and possibility of damage but please do inquire if this is important to you. If you have any other questions please message me here: Get In Touch

* When kept out of direct sunlight and protected by a high quality sealed frame, at reasonable room temperatures, art originals and reproductions will last significantly longer.

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